In the Winter of 2000 Beequeen decided not to release drone music anymore. In order to facilitate their need to create music in the ambient field, Wander was formed. Wander uses organ/keyboard sounds as well as environmental recordings to create instrumental sound scapes. Initially the concept was to release one piece of music on each possible format, but with the release of the second Wander on CD, the rules seem to be broken.


WANDER (10 inch, Plinkity Plonk PLONK7, 9 November 2001)
100 copies.

WANDER (LP and CDR, En/of 008, Autumn 2002)
100 copies, includes signed and numbered artwork. In May 2005 En/Of released a triple CD set with art catalogue, including a five minute excerpt of the Wander LP.

WANDER (Single, Plinkity Plonk PLONK13, November 2003)
Split single with Beequeen (track: Jamaica plain). 50 copies.

WANDER (CDR, XZF08, February 2004)

WANDER (Single, Edition, March 2004)
200 copies.

WANDER (CD, Small voices SVR05015, November 2005)
600 copies.

WANDER (Single, Beta-lactam Ring MTL06, January 2006)
150 copies on picture disc. Split single with Andrew Liles. A special edition of 23 copies comes in a box with an acetate 10", containing bonus tracks by Wander and Liles.

WANDER (Track on untitled cassette compilation, BT BTR024, November 2006)
56 one minute tracks.

WANDER (Cassette, Throne Heap TH002, March 2007)
20 minute cassette. 40 copies.

WANDER on 'Otherness' (Track on CD compilation Otherness, Sonic Arts, May 2007)
1000 copies

WANDER (CDR, My Own Little Label MOLL013, October 2007)
Business card CDR.

WANDER (CD, Divine Frequency divF08, July 2009)
500 copies.

WANDER (CDR, RONF Records rnf 038, July 2009)
50 numbered copies. 3 inch CDR in box.

WANDER (LP box, Beam Ends, October 2009)
10 numbered and signed copies in handmade box with t-shirt. The clear vinyl album plays reversed; from the label to the outer rim of the album.


8 February 2002, Cinemarienburg, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Wander played a live soundtrack to Derek Jarman's 1977 film "In The Shadow Of The Sun" at a local cinema. The film is considered to be one of the first-ever true ambient films. The organ drones were generated by Freek's keyboard, which were then treated via effect units by both Frans, Raymond and Freek. We also used samples from recordings of a church organ we recorded earlier. According to the audience present (the ones who didn't fall asleep), the music fitted the film really well. We were both very pleased with this debut performance, which sounded much better than Beequeen's debut ages ago, although we might have a biased memory.
Soundman: Raymond Steeg.

2 November 2002, De Appel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The second-ever Wander show in a very pretentious art gallery in Amsterdam. There were shows and exhibitions planned during the complete day. Scheduled to play at 21.00 hours, but starting at 00.00 hours this was a very frustrating event for Wander. The audience was very talkative, arrogant and drunk by the time we started playing. Halfway we were asked to turn our volume down, which we did - we turned the volume down as low as possible, so we were hardly audible. Not the best of performances. Alas. However, we did get to meet some nice people, including Alejandros and Aeron who did a great live show in front of a singular ignorant audience.

11 July 2003, Heeresbäckerei, Berlin, Germany

Wander's first international show was in Berlin. We played with Stephan Mathieu and Jan Jelinek in a derelict bakery formerly run by the East German army. Wander was asked to perform at the exposition of En/of records (who released the first Wander album). All En/of records were on exhibition including the artwork that came with them. The evening was really nice and the live show was the best to far for Wander. Organ drones were mixed with free-floating sine waves played through a quadraphonic speaker system. Around 100 people were present that evening.