Persephone was frightened. Her life, as she had envisioned it countless times, had been turned upside down in a millisecond. Why her Oliver? Persephone’s friends all tell her:  sometimes there is no turning back. Sometimes memories are all that remain. But Persephone is not the person to sit back and wait. Perhaps there is more to life; what if it is possible to have memories of things that have not yet happened? Like sleeping backwards. Tonight she isn’t sleepy at all, she knows this is her only chance. Oliver would surely approve. After all, he knew about the two moons in the sky and had told her about it.


Loosely based on a story about Japanese Enka singer Michi Aoyama, the ‘runaway singer’, Beequeen recorded their new album “Around Midnight” in 2013. The engineering and production was done in 2014 by Peter van Vliet, known for his work with the legendary 1980’s Dutch wave band Mekanik Kommando and, in later years, Use of Ashes.
“Around Midnight” is available from the label Catsun records.
Songs on “Around Midnight”:

Bring In The Sheep
Oliver Lover
The Bookcatcher’s Song
Think Straight
Night Of The Iguana
The Song Of The Runaway Singer
Last Night I Turned Into A Cat
The Pigeon Tree
My Sleeper
Look At The Moons!