Olga Wallis, voice and keyboards                                          Frans de Waard, keyboards and electronics                              Freek Kinkelaar, voice, instruments and electronics

In the fickle world of pop music Beequeen forms an extraordinary beacon.
Their fragile sound balances the fine threat that links experiment with pop music.
The result is surreal dream-pop.

Frans de Waard and Freek Kinkelaar have been making music as Beequeen since 1988.
In 2007 singer Olga Wallis was added to the line-up.
Her warm and intimate voice is the perfect icing on the cake for Beequeen.

Over the past 26 years Beequeen has released over 20 albums and performed in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany,
Iceland and Poland and has toured America in 2011 and Russia in 2013.
Beequeen has also performed several times for Dutch national radio and regional television.
Currently Beequeen is working on a new single “Sturmwind” coupled with “Gilbert” to be released in 2015.
Peter van Vliet will do the engineering and production on this reflective but ultra-catchy pop song…
sung in German!

photos by David Vogel